Advanced Farm Disinfection for TB Prevention

December 22, 2023

The Fam 30 Advantage:

In contemporary farming, safeguarding livestock health is paramount for sustainable agricultural practices. One crucial aspect of this protection is implementing advanced disinfection protocols to prevent the outbreak of diseases, in particular Tuberculosis (TB).

Bovine tuberculosis is caused by infection with Mycobacterium bovis. It is a persistent problem in cattle herds across Ireland, the UK and Europe. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the Fam 30 advantage – a powerful farm disinfectant – and explore how it can be a game-changer in fortifying your farm biosecurity plan.

Understanding the Threat: Tuberculosis in Livestock

The Impact of Bovine TB Outbreaks on Farms

Tuberculosis poses a significant threat to livestock, affecting not only the health of your animals but also impacting farm productivity and profitability. Understanding the implications of Bovine TB outbreaks is crucial for farmers seeking to protect their herds.

According to the Irish Veterinary Journal Ireland’s bovine tuberculosis (bTB) levels hit a historic low at 3.27% in 2016. However, these levels have been steadily rising since, reaching 4.37% in 2020. This upward trend is concerning for both animal health and market access, with notable effects felt directly on farms.

The long-term impact of Tuberculosis outbreaks involves overcoming challenges in rebuilding herds and restoring production levels. Dealing with a TB outbreak can also take an emotional toll on farmers and farm workers. The stress of managing the disease, making difficult decisions regarding culling, and facing economic uncertainties can impact mental well-being.

Effective preventive measures such as early detection, thorough cleaning and collaboration with your veterinary professional are essential for minimising the far-reaching consequences of TB thereby safeguarding the health and reputation of your farm.

What can I do to help protect my farm from TB infection?

The Department of Agriculture has approved Fam 30 as an effective defence against Tuberculosis in livestock. Fam 30 is an Agricultural Disinfectant available to purchase directly from Biocel in Co Cork, Ireland.

Don’t forget our qualified team at Biocel Ltd are always on hand to advise you on the best cleaning and disinfection products to use to prevent and control animal diseases.

The Science Behind Fam 30 for TB Prevention

Discover the Potency of Fam 30

Fam 30 disinfectant is designed to combat a wide spectrum of pathogens and is particularly effective for TB prevention on your farm. Its advanced formulation includes a rapid action and quick kill mechanism, making it a standout all-purpose solution for your farm biosecurity. It also meets the current European Regulations regarding biodegradability and environmental protection standards.

Let’s explore the key components that make Fam 30 a preferred choice for farmers in the UK and Ireland in their fight against the spread of TB.

iodophor farm disinfectant:

Iodophor is a chemical compound containing iodine, a solubilising agent, and often a surfactant, which enables it to dissolve in water. The antimicrobial properties of iodine make iodophors widely used as disinfectants and antiseptics. Iodine is effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

One of the advantages of iodophors is their ability to release iodine gradually, providing a sustained antimicrobial effect over time. This controlled release helps maintain a stable and effective concentration of iodine for disinfection purposes.

a broad spectrum of activity:

FAM 30, boasts a comprehensive range of applications and demonstrates efficacy against a diverse spectrum of pathogens. This potent solution is particularly effective in combatting the causative agents of diseases such as Tuberculosis (TB) and Brucellosis. Its effectiveness extends beyond the TB-specific pathogen (M. bovis). This makes it an invaluable asset for farmers grappling with diverse infectious threats on the farm.

FAM 30’s broad spectrum of activity is a testament to its versatility and reliability in promoting farm biosecurity. By targeting the organisms responsible for these prevalent diseases, FAM 30 stands out as a powerful tool in safeguarding livestock health.

Dual Functionality: Cleaning and Disinfecting in One Operation

Fam 30 goes beyond conventional disinfectants by combining cleaning and disinfection in a single operation. It eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi while tackling dirt, grime, and organic matter. The seamless integration of cleaning and disinfection simplifies the overall farm maintenance routine, saving valuable time and resources for farmers.

Implementing Advanced Farm Disinfection Protocols

Assessing Your Farm’s Biosecurity Needs

Before integrating Fam 30 into your farm disinfection protocol, it’s essential to assess your specific biosecurity needs. This involves understanding the layout of your farm, the type of livestock, and potential risk factors.

Ireland’s Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) Eradication Strategy was launched in 2021. This eradication programme aligns with top national and international scientific insights and guidance. Their extensive peer-reviewed research has investigated TB transmission in Ireland, identifying the following key factors:

  • Undetected infection in moving cattle.
  • Residual infection in previously exposed cattle.
  • Transmission across farm boundaries.
  • Indirect spread due to biosecurity lapses.
  • Transmission from infected badgers to cattle.

To address these challenges regular disinfection of critical areas is essential to prevent the introduction and spread of diseases. Focus on livestock housing, feed and water areas, manure handling sites, equipment, transport vehicles, and footpaths including personnel and visitor spaces.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Livestock Housing

When cleaning livestock housing, start by clearing out all portable equipment, litter, and manure, then thoroughly clean to remove any heavy dirt. Adjust the disinfectant dilution to match the soil level and specific disease history of your livestock housing before application. A typical dilution range is 1 part FAM®30 to 100-550 parts water.

Ideally, let the area dry before reintroducing your equipment and restocking to maximise effectiveness and maintain a healthy environment for your livestock.

Foot/Wheel Baths: A Comprehensive Approach

Footbaths play a pivotal role in TB Prevention of your Farm

Foot and wheel baths play a crucial role in preventing the introduction and spread of diseases. Regular use of foot and wheel baths is a simple yet practical measure to prevent the introduction or spread of TB transmission across farm boundaries.

These baths are typically filled with disinfectant solutions, and they serve as barriers at entry points to control the movement of contaminants.

For Boots and Wheel baths: dilute at a ratio of 1 part solution to 90 parts water and replace the solution daily. This routine ensures optimal effectiveness in disinfecting equipment and preventing the spread of contaminants on the farm.

For Cow Footbaths: Use FAM 30 at a dilution of 1:100

It’s important to note that while foot and wheel baths are valuable components of a biosecurity plan, they should be used in conjunction with other preventive measures, such as proper testing, quarantine procedures, and overall farm hygiene practices.

Product Dilution Rates

Specific uses and dilution rates are required by the Biocidal Products Regulation, to ensure a high level of protection for human health, animal health and the environment. Always refer to the label for specific instructions.

Click the link to access a Biocel Safety Datasheet


Fam 30 farm disinfection for TB prevention is a testament to your commitment to your livestock health and farm sustainability. By understanding the science behind Fam 30, implementing tailored disinfection protocols, and maximising its benefits, farmers can fortify their defences against TB outbreaks, contributing to a healthier and more productive agricultural environment.

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