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At Biocel we specialise in hygiene and process solutions for Dairy & Dairy Farming Industries. This includes CIP solutions and chemical detergents for dairy plant sanitation for the modern dairy farmer.



Keeping your dairy plant hygienically clean and free of pathogens is essential to achieving safe, high quality milk products and ensuring the safety and performance of your herd. Biocel supplies a complete range of chemical detergents for the modern dairy farmer including chlorine-free solutions to ensure your high standards of dairy plant sanitation, product and safety requirements are met.


Through our innovative research & development lab we have produced a high specification powder & liquid product that delivers efficient cleaning even when used at low temperatures as part of a comprehensive program. The benefits for you include a savings of up to 85% on Water Heating Costs while reducing CO2 emissions, promoting sustainable dairy hygiene.


CirCool – Cold Wash Technology

CirCool P is a mixed alkaline powder with a high level of cleaning additives. It is specifically designed for manual systems and conveniently packaged in 20kg packs.

CirCool L is a mixed alkaline liquid which also includes high levels of cleaning additives. It offers the flexibility to be used in both manual and automated wash systems. CirCool L is available in packs of 20/200/1000 litres, providing options to suit different needs and usage volumes.

Serpent 15

Introducing Serpent 15, our latest breakthrough in the field of peracetic acid products. Building upon the success of our market-leading Serpent formula, Serpent 15 takes disinfection and scale prevention to a whole new level. With Serpent 15, you can achieve optimal results while reducing the quantity of product required, leading to cost savings for our customers and environmental benefits.

Download our brochure below or contact us directly for more information on this market-leading solution.

Industry leaders in Hygiene, Dairy Plant Sanitation, Dairy Processing & CIP:

Dairy Solutions

Biocel has worked at the forefront of the Diary Industry for over 50 years. We supply biochemical and chemical process aids to many of  Irelands leading milk processing plants.

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Dairy Hygiene


Due to increased food safety concerns regarding chlorine residues, it has become necessary to eliminate chlorine from dairy cleaning products in order to reduce the risk of these residues in milk and their final products. For any further information, you may require switching to Chlorine-Free Detergents contact one of our dedicated team here at Biocel.  We also have a detailed blog post with a step-by-step guide on how too use our products in your Chlorine Free Dairy Wash Cycles.


Current thinking on farm milking equipment washing advocates the removal of chemicals containing chlorine employed in dairy plants and bulk tanks due to the risks of associated residues entering the milk supply chain and therefore posing an unacceptable risk to the products produced therefrom.

Biocel Ltd., as the leading Irish supplier of milking plant detergents & teat dips, to support your processor, has set out the key points to be considered when using or switching to a Chlorine Free product for washing Bulk Milk Tanks.


Biocel has introduced a range of Chlorine-Free products which have been fully tested and evaluated by the Agriculture and Food Development Authority:

You can view the efficacy of our chlorine-free dairy hygiene range carried out by Teagasc here.


Processing solutions for maintaining high quality and safety standards in the Dairy Industries.


The dairy sector continues to be at the forefront of innovation in food processing.  We supply Disinfectants, Decsalers, and Sanitisers including Cleaning in Place solutions for food and dairy equipment. Biocel’s dairy processing solutions ensures that your dairy food products are safe and of consistently high quality.


Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) or In-Place Cleaning (IPC) is where process equipment is mechanically washed without having to dismantle the equipment to do so.  Equipment is so designed that a wash solution can be circulated throughout the piece of equipment interacting with all the soiled surfaces and rendering them hygienically clean.


The chemicals employed for CIP are chosen for their ability to hydrolyse the bonds constituent in the soils present. Typically, they are at the extremes of the pH spectrum, being either highly alkaline or highly acidic. In the alkaline domain sodium or potassium hydroxide dominate, though silicates and carbonates are also employed and in the acid range, the common mineral acids, (nitric, phosphoric, sulfamic, methane sulphonic) with the organic acids (citric or lactic acids) are most common. For the disinfectant’s sodium hypochlorite and other oxides of chlorine are ubiquitous with hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid being the common oxygen-based materials.


A number of CIP programmes  steps are employed depending on the soil, these being:

  1. Pre-rinse
  2. Main wash
  3. Inter rinse
  4. Acid descale
  5. Disinfection rinse

Chemical Products and Solutions for the Irish Dairy Sector.


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