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Biocel Ltd. is among Irelands leading chemical manufacturers and suppliers of high quality, cost effective and specialist formulations to industry.
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Biocel Product Spotlight

Transform Your Food Plant Hygiene with Innovative Foam Cleaning Solutions

Foam cleaning solutions from Biocel offer enhanced cleanliness, efficiency, and safety in food production hygiene. By adopting our advanced foam cleaning systems, food processing facilities can transform their hygiene standards, comply with regulatory requirements, and safeguard consumer health.

7 Key Benefits of Calcium Chloride for Brewers

The article highlights how calcium chloride optimises brewing water chemistry and overall brewing quality. Calcium, in various forms, plays a significant role in modifying the brewing water profile, affecting mash pH, enzyme activity, yeast health, and ultimately, the flavour profile of the finished beer.

Quality Milk Production Guide for Spring 2024

As we prepare for the 2024 Spring Milking season, several key points and actions must be taken to maintain high quality milk production standards. This comprehensive guide will delve into essential strategies focusing on milking plant maintenance, TBC/Thermoduric control, chlorate level reduction, and somatic cell count (SCC) control in early lactation.

About Biocel

Biocel Ltd. was founded by Dr Karl McCarthy in 1966. We are one of Irelands leading chemical manufacturers and suppliers of high quality, cost-effective and specialist  formulations to industry. We develop biochemical and chemical process aids and additives for a variety of Irish industries, including Brewing and Beverage, Dairying, Food Production, Laundering, Construction, Water Treatment, Pharmaceutical and the Public Sector.

Our History

“Our Biocel truck” on Bridge St. Cork City ca. 1970.

CEO Luke McCarthy, Manager Maura O Sullivan, & Karl McCarthy, Technical and Innovation

Our 50th Anniversary at Fota Island Resort Hotel.

After Coronavirus

It’s time to set new goals and succeed in the post-pandemic world. At Biocel we provide a wide range of Hand sanitisers and detergents that keep you safe.


It is the policy of Biocel Ltd. to produce and supply products to the highest quality standard while minimizing adverse environmental effects.

Bespoke Solutions

Having been involved in a range of industries since 1966 we constantly strive to evolve, so that we can harness the best solutions for your benefit.

Awards & Accreditations

Biocel has been awarded ISO:9001, an internationally recognised quality management system (QMS) standard. Find out more about our policies here.

Dr Karl McCarthy Prize

In recognition of our founder the late Dr Karl McCarthy’s contribution to the development of the Irish Processing industry. Click here for more details

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Chlorine Free

Chemical detergents for the modern dairy farmer, suitable for use in manual & automatic systems. We are working with nature for a better future.

Process Aids, Electrolytes and Buffer Solutions:

Food Ingredients

Biocel has worked at the forefront of the Irish food sector for over fifty years. We supply a wide range of food process aids, electrolyte salt solutions and key process aids, all manufactured in the protected atmosphere of our dedicated food ingredients preparation plant.

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Food & Beverage

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Dairy Processing

Industries We Serve

At Biocel we manufacture a wide range of disinfection, sanitising and cleaning products, including chemical process aids and food additives. Our products are manufactured at our plant here in Cork, Ireland. Our facilities include four dedicated manufacturing plants and a number of bulk chemical storage tanks.
Chemical Solutions for the Dairy Industry Sector
Contract Manufacturing Solutions
Industrial Cleaning Chemicals
Industrial Manufacturing Chemicals
Food Additives, Process Aids and Buffer Solutions for the Food Industry Sector
Brewing and Distilling Chemicals

Bespoke Chemical Formulations

We excel in bespoke chemicals and product development. Our research and development scientists are highly experienced in the formulation of chemical solutions and products to meet our customer’s specific requirements. Our R&D facilities here in Cork allow us to develop products to individual customer specifications.

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