At Biocel we have developed over 400 chemical products and solutions for Industry at our R&D lab in Co Cork.

Our products can be manufactured to meet your exact specifications, or you can choose from our extensive range of off-the-shelf products.

Design is central throughout the development cycle of our products. 


    Our Facilities at Little Island, Cork

    We work with clients to identify qualifying commercial activities and are cognisant of the quality and level of innovation required in all aspects of the design and commercialisation process.

    Biocel is proud to possess a comprehensive product portfolio, dedicated to focusing on building a fundamental understanding of the science that underpins our customers’ needs.  We strive to build the science and technology necessary to allow us to offer agile, flexible and a quality driven service to our clients.

      Scientist at work in the R&D Lab.

      OUR R&D LAB DELIVERS a high standard of production

      Biocel’s research and development lab takes responsibility for the assurance of product quality and safety.  Our product ranges apply to all legal standards and is developed in accordance with European and National regulations, such as REACH, CLP and Biocide Regulation.

      Sustainability Approach

      Our sustainability approach is core to our overall business strategy, supporting our customers in their own sustainability journeys. Fundamental to this there’s a clear focus that contributes to the creation of a circular economy with reduced consumption of natural resources on minimizations of environmental impact.

      We strive to be each customer’s most trusted supplier by solving problems with the right people, the right experience on the right technology. We are built to deliver value. Our innovation process in chemical solutions drives sustainability by reducing water and energy usage and raw material waste while also improving operational efficiency, productivity, and value.


      Scientist at work in the research and development lab.

      Speciality chemicals

      The industrial detergent business falls within the area that in the industry is referred to as either the allied chemicals sector or Industrial and Institutional chemicals (I&I) and falls within the speciality chemicals sector.   

      Biocel is a formulator of proprietary performance chemicals deployed primarily in the food and beverage sectors. We maintain stocks of fast-moving raw materials to ensure a capability for rapid response to customer’s orders. 

      The company operates to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System which demands a comprehensive assessment procedure for vetting and approving suppliers.

      Packaging represents a significant imperative for Biocel being compliant with CPL and REACH legislation. The company manufactures products from one litre to tanker deliveries, with 5, 10, 20 and 25L being the most common, 200 L drums are less common with the industrial customers purchasing product in 1000 L IBCs (intermediate bulk containers). 


      Small Order Filler at our R&D Lab
      Our Hazchem compliant truck drivers.

      Supply Chain Approach

      We operate our own Hazchem compliant transport fleet – allowing us to offer flexible delivery schedules meeting our customer’s supply requirements throughout Ireland.  We take pride in having a reputation for being prompt and efficient with our Haz-chem deliveries to all other industries that we serve, guaranteeing that customers will never be without the products they need for processes.

      Global Outreach

      Though based in, and proud to be in, the island of Ireland, we have a far-reaching objective of disseminating our message to companies globally.  We have established, and are looking to cement partnerships, and grow on emerging business opportunities in Europe and Asia.

      Biocel is proud to have its own product portfolio, preferring to focus solely on building a deep understanding of the science and technology necessary to allow us to offer agile, flexible and qualitative services to our clients, and meet the deadlines required for each project.

      Global Outreach
      Bulk Chemical Supplies

      Case Study

      Brexit has posed a logistical challenge for many companies reliant on the supply of products from the U.K. In late 2020 and 2021, Biocel were contacted by many manufacturers unable to obtain timely resupply of much needed product.  

      Though many of the products were not within Biocel’s portfolio we were able to either source alternative materials through our network of suppliers or develop substitute materials at our R&D Lab.

      A complete “plug-and-play” offering.

      Chemical Products

      Highly Experienced Staff

      Manufacturing Plants

      Trusted leaders in chemical manufacturing:

      Bespoke Chemical


      We are committed to providing bespoke solutions carefully blended by our expertly trained chemists. Tell us about your next project, confidentiality is gauranteed.

      News From The Lab

      Launch of Hand Sanitiser Station

      Launch of Hand Sanitiser Station

      Routine Sanitising Of Hands Is Key To Prevention Of Covid 19 Cross Contamination In The Workplace. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a great upsurge in innovation focusing on combating the spread of the virus.   At Biocel we bring you a Hand Sanitiser Station for use...

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      Chemist Vacancy

      Chemist Vacancy

      Agri-Food and I & I Sectors We are recruiting a chemist to conduct work in its development laboratory servicing the agri-food and I&I sectors.  A good understanding of chemistry pertaining to cleaning, descaling and disinfection is required. ...

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