Anti-Bac Hand Soap, unperfumed anti-bacterial soap for hand protection against viruses and other microbiological exposure. EN 1276 Tested. Biocel’s Anti-Bac Hand Soap acts as a rapid sanitiser that’s effective against grease, fat and protein without leaving a harmful residue or offensive odour.


Product Benefits

Anti-Bac is a biodegradable washroom soap that produces a rich creamy lather that rinses leaving a pleasant smoothness. Anti-Bac removes stubborn grease, grime and dirt from hands. Anti-Bac will clean, soften and protect skin against cracking and drying. Suitable for frequent use in food handling or instances where a high level of hand hygiene is required.


  •   Contains Chlorhexidine diGluconate.
  •   It has superior efficacy over normal soap.
  •   Formulated with all ingredients to ensure humectants or rehydration chemical. Plain soaps have minimal, if any, antimicrobial activity.
  •   Gentle hand soap for cleaning and reduction of bacterial level on hands.
  •   Biodegradable.
  •   Effective against grease, fat and protein.
  •   No harmful residue.
  •   A fast-acting santister.
  •   Odourless.
  •   Developed by Biocel to meet food safety and food-handling criteria, including HACCP requirements.

Technical Details

For complete usage information, please contact us.

Additional information

Pack Size

Biocel's Anti-Bac Hand Soap is supplied in 5L drums.

P.C.S. No.: 99391


Anti-Bac is an odourless, germicidal liquid hand cleaner designed specifically for use in food preparation areas.

Food Processing.

Food Preparation Environments.

Studies have clearly demonstrated that contaminated hands could be vehicles for the spread of certain viruses and bacteria.

Contaminated fingers with norovirus could sequentially transfer the virus to up to seven clean surfaces, and from contaminated cloth's to clean hands and surfaces.


The purpose of routine hand washing is to remove dirt and organic material as well as microbial contamination acquired by contact with the environment.

A 30-second wash is necessary to remove organisms completely from hands.

To avoid prolonged hand contamination, it is not only important to perform hand hygiene when indicated, but also to use the appropriate technique and adequate quantity of the product to cover all skin surfaces for the recommended length of time.

Use in place of normal soap.

Apply liberally, covering the complete hand area.
Disperse soap thoroughly between fingers.
Dry hands as normal (apply Biocel’s Manuster Hand Rinse if working in a high care environment).

Additional Information

Proper handwashing requires the use of soaps or detergents to dissolve fatty materials and facilitate their subsequent flushing with water.

ideally, hands should be dried using either individual paper towels or hands dryers which can dry hands effectively and as quickly as it can be done with paper towels and have been proven not to be associated with the aerosolization of pathogens. It is important to pat the skin rather than rub it, to avoid cracking. Skin excoriation may lead to bacteria colonizing the skin and the possible spread of blood-borne viruses as well as other microorganisms.

Because wet hands can more readily acquire and spread microorganisms, the proper drying of hands is an integral part of routine handwashing.
Careful hand drying is critical. For high care areas, use in combination with Biocel’s Manuster Antiseptic Hand.


​Please click on the link to request a Biocel safety datasheet. If you have any queries, please contact us.

This deep-cleaning product is eco friendly, non-hazardous and biodegradable.

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