Process Aids and Cleaning Solutions for The Food Industry

Food Industry

We supply the beverage, food, confectionery and dairy processing industries. We have a number of blue-chip internationally trading customers who trust us to supply sensitive mission-critical materials in liquid or powder form, ready to use, plug-and-play.

Cleaning Solutions For The Food Industry

Fruit and vegetable processing plants

Cleaning chemicals in fruit processing plants are subject to stringent quality standards as the customer is the next inspector. Biocel understands this.   Cleaning chemicals in fruit processing plants must sanitise the surface but not leave unwanted residues or taints. This must all be achieved during the fast-paced processing sanitation steps

Chemicals used to wash vegetables

Cleaning chemicals in vegetable processing plants similarly are required to ensure disinfection of the skin without detrimental effects but also the additional burden of added field-borne debris and soil.

The presence of microorganisms like Listeria Monocytogenes and other potential pathogens requires adherence to strict quality standards and procedures, something that Biocel are adept at and can guide you through the necessary implementation steps.

fruit processing plants

In addition, Biocel has worked with fruit processors in developing process aids to reduce the effects of enzymatic browning during processing in compliance with the European regulatory framework. You will find Biocel the ideal partner for your quality initiatives and suppliers of chemicals that enhance.


Process aids are a key component of food manufacturing that help maximize output and minimize product loss. 

Cleaning and sanitation procedures in The food industry

meat, poultry and fish processing sectors

There are many different types of cleaning in the food industry.  The meat, poultry and fish processing sectors each possess their own individual requirements as regards food safety and the hygienic practices necessary to ensure it.

Biocel has many years of experience in establishing and helping you maintain the required standard operating procedures to reduce the risk of food poisoning. We ensure the maintenance of premium product quality, by eliminating the risk of cross-contamination and therefore food poisoning, and allow for a safer, harmonious work environment. 

Sanitation Products

Biocel has built an expertise in sanitation products for all area’s of the food industry. We supply meat processing plant cleaning chemicals,  poultry farm cleaning chemicals, hygiene solutions in fish processing plants and cleaning solutions for allergen removal.

With a wide and comprehensive array from foam cleaning to sanitisers to janitorial products, Biocel has the knowledge and products.  With the availability of our responsive customer service, we are recognised as the go-to people for cleaning and sanitation procedures in the food industry, for chemicals that enhance.

“If some confectioners were willing
To let the shape announce the filling,
We’d encounter fewer assorted chocs,
Bitten into and returned to the box.”

– Ogden Nash



Food manufacturers often rely upon the use of processing aids to help reduce the likelihood of foodborne illness. Although you can’t see, taste or smell them in the final product, most foods sold on the shelves today are made with some type of processing aid.

Here at Biocel we supply a wide range of food process aids, electrolyte salt solutions and key process aids, all manufactured in the protected atmosphere of our dedicated food ingredients preparation plant. We supply the beverage food, confectionery and dairy processing industry.

Should you require a wetting service our dedicated team can guide you through the process. Working with you, we will ensure you are able to meet your quality, production and cost targets. From small litre volumes to tanker quantities we work with you.



Food additives are divided into categories or functional classes according to their technological function, for example, preservatives, antioxidants, sweeteners and colours. Food additives must be approved by the EU and may only be used if they fulfil the criteria laid down in Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008. 

Coffee Bean

Food & Beverage

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean

Dairy Processing

We manufacture and supply Process Aids and Cleaning Solutions for the Food Industry.  Biocel works with many R&D teams at the early stages of transfer from bench to production.  Working with Biocel provides you with the flexibility and reassurance that we have gained from over fifty years of working at the forefront of the Irish process sector.




For a complete list of process aids and cleaning solutions for the food industry, you can visit our Product Page or use the menu selection above.


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