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We offer a wide range of products including, dish washing detergents, floor cleaners, wash up liquids, bleach and hand care products.


More than just the right soap

Biocel supplies detergent inputs to some of Ireland’s leading laundries. Through continuous new product development and improvement, our products continue to offer superior product performance as part of a cost-efficient supply, service and installation package.  Equally important, we can also advise as to optimum detergent usage levels, machine selection and processing methods.

If you are running a commercial laundrette or industrial laundry catering for the hospital, nursing care or hospitality sector, Biocel is your partner with the expertise and track record of delivering laundry washing chemicals. Our technical service team will advise you on products, equipment, and programmes to ensure you get the quality work you demand, and as a result, an increased turnaround time.


We also work with you to reduce exposure to soaps and bleaches that can give rise to complications with sensitisation or dermatitis or inhalation difficulties and our varied pack sizes, from 5 kg to 1,000L are tailored to your manual handling or lifting constraints. You can trust Biocel to provide you with the chemicals that enhance.


Industry leaders in Industrial Cleaning Chemicals:

Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning chemicals are more than just the right soap. We work with you to reduce the costs of energy and water in your facility and cut down on the impact of wastewater going to drain, so necessary for preserving our environment. 

Laundry Cleaning Solutions at Biocel


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Auto Industry

Laundry Chemicals for White Clothes

Garment and workwear management requires a focus on quality, and that’s where our laundry chemicals for white clothes comes in. Quality that espouses your core values. Whether garments for high-care facilities where infection control are critical for acceptance, to removing grime and oil from engineering overalls, Biocel have the product, powder, or liquid. We are your partner with the expertise and track record of delivering the right laundry washing chemicals for your exact needs.


Reduce microbial presence

Hospital linen may contribute to the spread of nosocomial infections. Washing has two main functions, to improve the appearance and to reduce microbial presence. Successful laundering depends on several factors having a synergistic effect, this being duration, mechanical action, chemical dosage and water to work ratio.

The correct hygienic management of linen is achieved by minimal technical requirements regarding transport, sorting and laundering.

Prevention of Infections Involves:

  • Correct collecting and sorting of contaminated textiles.
  • Division of clean and unclean areas within the laundry.
  • Correct sorting, laundering, drying and ironing of textiles.

Talk to Biocel Technical Services about dosing pumps for your laundry.  A dosing pump per chemical will be required.  Chemicals should be checked daily to make sure there is sufficient chemicals and replenished if required.

Where washing machines use a card system, there will be a different card for each item to be washed.  Biocel Technical Services can advise you on these requirements.

Monitoring wash cycles

The selection of washroom chemicals and suppliers is a vital component of any successful laundry. Different linen items are washed at different temperatures, with different water levels and laundry chemicals depending on the level and type of soil and fibre content.

Use the WATCH Principles when Monitoring Wash Cycles:

W = Water, measure levels and quality.

A = Agistation, assess the mechanical action of the machine.

T = Time, sufficient to allow the chemicals to work.

C = Chemicals, selection of the appropriate chemical product for your fabric and soil is paramount.

H = Heat, important to run the programme at the optimum temperature to enable the chemicals to function and maintain energy costs.

*NOTE: Underloading a machine may cause too much water and laundry chemical to be used causing premature ageing of the linen and higher maintenance to the machine. Underloading will also have cost implications as more wash cycles are required, increasing water, electricity, sewage, chemical and labour costs.

We provide deep cleaning and sanitisation products to clients throughout the commercial cleaning sectors in Ireland.

– Biocel

Commercial Janitorial Chemical Supplies

Deep Cleaning, Sanitisation and Disinfection Solutions


For effective and economical cleaning chemical supplies check out our comprehensive product range below.

Whether in the hospitality or institutional sector, our products have been formulated to be effective on most common worksurfaces and cleaning scenarios. The product range contains products for Dishwashing, Hard Surface Cleaning, Sanitation, Fabric Care, Disinfection, Handwashing and General Cleaning and is used by Restaurants, Hotels, Guesthouses, Leisure and Catering outlets

Auxiliary products such as Soap Dispensers, Trigger Bottles and Dispensing Pumps are also available.  We offer the following comprehensive range of products manufactured in Ireland and packaged in convenient 5,10, 20, 25 L or kg packs. In addition, we can assist you by conducting hygiene audits and preparing cleaning schedules and procedures.

Wholesalers / Distributors and Catering Suppliers


The above range of products can be supplied as part of a contract manufacturing package. The range can be extended to incorporate your own selection of products, packaging, and labelling.

Food Safety

Comprehensive measures are required to ensure that food is safe for consumption. These involve the management and eradication of associated risks. At Biocel, we supply to, and work with food preparation establishments to achieve good hygiene practices and eradicate the emergence and spread of food-borne diseases. We support The European Food Safety Authority’s “One Health approach to food safety whereby the health of people, animals and the environment are inextricably linked.   

Effective Hygiene Cleaning

Surfaces, be they hard, like tabletops or work areas, or porous, like fabric coverings, need to be cleaned regularly and maintained in a hygienic state.  Hygiene refers to the elimination of potentially pathogenic microorganisms.  Therefore, factors to be considered when choosing the most appropriate detergent are spectrum of activity, user-friendliness, and safety. Whilst economics are of course important, cost should not be the deciding factor.

In Europe, food safety is a shared responsibility from farm to fork, ensuring food safety standards that are among the highest in the world.”

European Food Safety Authority.

The soil residue, type of surface and environs dictates the cleaning chemicals most appropriate for the task and the most efficient means of application, be it spraying, foaming, fogging, wiping, or brushing.  These methods will influence the duration and temperature acceptable.  At Biocel, we understand cleaning, having been manufacturing cleaning chemicals at our Cork plant for over fifty years. That is fifty years of having met a wide range of stubborn stains, scales, and residues on a myriad of surfaces.  You can trust Biocel to have the chemicals that enrich.

“I don’t sell cars; I sell engines. The cars I throw in for free since something has to hold the engines in.”

– Enzo Ferrari


Cleaning Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Commercial fleet management requires balancing cost and performance against a backdrop of reliability. Therefore, prompt delivery and tightening schedules must not be allowed to compromise fleet safety and care. Your vehicle appearance says so much about your brand.  For that reason, Biocel are all too aware of the requirement for company vehicles to espouse your core values of professionalism, reliability, and value.

fleet management chemicals

Our fleet management chemicals range keeps your fleet looking pristine and professional. We provide liquid and powder fleet maintenance products that remove traffic film grime and enhance appearance regardless of water hardness or quality. Free of organic volatiles and phosphates and with neutral pH, for economic and environmental traffic maintenance chemistry contact Biocel, chemicals that enhance.

OUR Industrial Cleaning PRODUCTS

Browse our available products for your Industrial & Commercial Cleaning needs. Use the dropdown menu’s to refine your search. For bespoke solutions contact our dedicated support team to discuss your requirements.

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