New! Cold Wash Technology

Introducing a new approach to Chlorine Free Cleaning.

CirCool L & CirCool P

CirCool Liquid and CirCool Powder are chlorine free cold wash detergents for use after every milking as part of our Biocel cold wash programme. Our new premium range of chlorine free products are formulated to work at ambient temperatures, significantly reducing water heating costs and CO2 emissions.



Product Benefits

CirCool L & P contain unique chlorine free cold wash technology to remove milk proteins, leaving your plant ready for the next milking.

  • Recommended for TCM & chlorate reduction.
  • A premium chlorine free, dual hydroxide detergent.
  • Low foaming – Suitable for use in automatic & manual wash systems.
  • Suitable for cold washing after every milking in hard and soft water areas.
  • Dramatically reduces your water heating costs by as much as 85%.
  • Reduces CO2 emmissions for a more sustainable approach to dairy farming.

Use with Circo Acid 3 and Serpent 15 as part of the Biocel Cold Wash Programme.

Technical Details

For complete usage information, please contact us.

Additional information

Pack Size

CirCool P (powder) is available in 20kg buckets.
CirCool L (liquid) is available in 20Litre, 200L and 1000L pack sizes.


CirCool – Chlorine Free Cold Wash Technology. Since the removal of Chlorine from milking plant detergents, many milk suppliers have faced ongoing challenges in achieving the required target temperatures for effective results from Chlorine Free products in the market. Due to the temperature of the wash solution falling below target temperatures at the end of the hot wash cycle, this has resulted in formation of a fat/ protein build up in plants, seen on perspex components & milk meters. This deposit when formed is very difficult to remove in a standard wash program and if not removed leads to a rise in TBC/ Thermoduric counts.


Dairy Hygiene


CirCool P is a mixed alkaline powder with a high level of cleaning additives that can be used in manual systems. CirCool L is mixed alkaline liquid with a high level of cleaning additives that can be used in manual or auto wash systems.

Use as part of the Biocel Cold Wash Programme. Cold wash after every milking with 2 Extra Hot Circo-Acid 3 washes per week.


Always read the label and product information before use. Contact us for Safety Datasheets.

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