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We take pride in having a reputation for being prompt and efficient with flexible delivery schedules to meet your supply requirements throughout Ireland.

Chemical Supplier Services


“Just-in-time” to “Just-in-case”

We live in interesting times! Supply chains stretch and are stretched, struggling to meet the demands of a globalised world. While geographically on the periphery of Europe, we in Biocel are mindful of being an integral part of the global chemical supply and distribution chain. Many of our customers are global players who trust us to deliver and are central to their plans.

Customer Support

At Biocel we pride ourselves in the quality and efficiency of our customer support, meeting your needs so that you can meet your customers’ needs. 

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Chemical distribution and supply services were about “Just-In-Time” delivery, but as everybody knows that’s now all changed.  You want, need even, surety of supply.  At Biocel we have striven to ensure we can meet our customers’ supply needs having built up, over fifty years, an extensive supplier base and with a comprehensive storage and warehousing capability, we are there for you, and we’ll get it there for you!

Technical Services

A critical part of our chemical supplier services is the technical service we supply. For long standing customers, we have built a reputation for the rapidity and responsiveness of our technical service. For new or prospective customers you will find us receptive to providing timely and cost effective solutions.

Site Support:

Whether it is rapid replenishment of out of stock materials, assistance with compliance to quality standards, such as BRC by way of validation and verification studies, or just someone to discuss a technical problem with, and get a quick response to a difficult problem, Biocel should be your first port of call.

Equipment Installation:

Real time data acquisition, now that’s smart! Today the chemical industry is as much about judicious delivery of in-use product as the efficacy of the product itself. Optimisation through the exploitation of smart sensors and data acquisition facilitates cost reduction and efficient materials usage. At Biocel we can harness the expertise to deliver our chemistries smartly and efficiently providing you with the information you require to meet your KPIs.

Product Optimisation:

There are benefits to one-size-fits-all but there can also be significant downsides. To us, every customer is different, every plant is different and every process is different, that’s why we can tailor our products to your needs to eliminate the unnecessary and optimise the essential, maximising the cost/benefit ratios in your favour.

Engineering Services

Equipment Supply and Installation:

Over fifty years of supplying products to a range of industries, customers and applications have allowed us to gain an insight into universal engineering needs. We have the capability and expertise to marry our products with the best engineering solutions to ensure that you get the best value from your processes in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Plant Shutdown Operations:

The scheduling and timelines afforded to shutdown activities have tightened in recent years with a demand for minimal disruption to production. Biocel is cognizant of this and can work with your engineering and maintenance teams to conduct swift shutdown activities such as descaling or passivation.

Chemical Compatibility Advice:

Our business is in chemicals, that’s why you can trust us to provide timely and prudent advice on chemical compatibility for your process surfaces. An injudicious chemical application can lead to surface corrosion that may lead to a deterioration of performance, or worse, threaten the integrity of your product. We can help advise you on the best products for your given need.


Biocel Technical Service:

Biocel Technical Service is well experienced in conducting verification and validation audits on cleaning-in-place systems to ensure that the cleaning processes are meeting the requisite food safety standards. However, auditing is not a one-size-fits-all activity but is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

We work with you, assemble the resources, both internal and external to address the tasks on hand to assist you to get your plant food safety certification compliant. We have a range of products and services that you can draw on to propel your organisation towards a new quality horizon.

Cleaning Schedules

A key part of combatting cleaning in a food plant is the appropriate choice and use of detergents and disinfectants to combat product and process residues and potential or probable infection.

Technical Service Team:

Our Technical Service team are on hand to advise you on the best cleaning systems to employ.  We work with you to compile a Cleaning Manual that facilitates the comprehensive training of your staff in the correct and necessary procedures in cleaning. Not only how, but how much and with what so that your food contact surfaces are food ready.

Biofilm Eradication Products

Biofilms, which in the public’s perception manifest themselves as “slime” are comprised of surface associated microorganisms sheathed in an extracellular matrix. They are complex and dynamic and, in the environment, comprise a multitude of bacterial species. Biofilms are formed when free-swimming, planktonic microbes adhere to one another and to a surface and are often resistant to antibiotics.

Biocel has a range of approaches and treatments for the detection and eradication of biofilms from the food processing environment. Central to combatting biofilms is the realisation that they exist. When and if persistent infections occur there is every possibility that it is due to biofilm presence. Biocel can assist you to identify such a presence.

In addition, and just as important is their eradication. Biocel has designed a range of effective treatments from highly oxidizing systems for short sharp shock disinfection regimes to more benign enzymatic treatments that can be employed where the former are unsuitable.

Biocel technical service will advise on whether a biofilm exists and how best to tackle it.

Out of Hours Service:



All service personnel can be contacted on home and mobile numbers 24 hours a day, This ensures that our customers are able to get their issue resolved no matter what day or time it is.

Client Testimonials


Lakeland Diaries Logo

We in Lakeland Dairies have found Biocel’s technical service invaluable in assisting us to find solutions that ultimately achieved key quality parameters.

Lakeland Dairies

Kathryn O'Flynn

Glenilen Farm Testimonial

Biocel have helped us to establish validation of our cleaning processes, offered technical advice and solutions.  They have supported us with staff chemical training and have been on hand to offer advice as and when required.  Overall, we receive a very good service from Biocel.

Glenilen Farm

Charis Lewis, Quality Manager


Beam Suntory Logo

We purchase crucial plant cleaning equipment from Biocel throughout the year. I always find the team helpful, efficient and very knowledgeable. A great company to work with.


Sarah Dowling, Blender and Distiller

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