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At Biocel we provide contract manufacturing for a wide range of industry sectors specialising in bulk supplies and subcontract chemical blending.

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Today’s challenges facing the chemical industry are many and varied, not least the need for efficiency and flexibility with commodity price uncertainty and an ever-tightening regulatory environment.  You may have fashioned a route to market but need a strategic alliance to help with chemical contract formulation, packaging, labelling, and regulatory aspects associated with contract manufacture blending, be it toll or subcontract blending, all the while being ethical manufacturing.  There are many bulk chemical distributors and wholesalers, but what you need is a partner who will take care of the operational aspects.

Chemical Specialists

We have a team that frees you from the task of compliance to focus on important things like marketing and business growth. We have partners in a wide and diverse range of industries in agri-tech, light engineering and construction, janitorial and catering, all confident in the knowledge that Biocel will deliver.  Look on us as your very own chemical specialists, who do chemicals that enrich.


Market Leading Suppliers of Chemical Processes to Industry:

Private Label Chemicals

Biocel has built a reputation as the “go-to” liquid contract manufacturing and powder private label manufacturing partner. We are a trusted partner for a wide range of industries where confidentiality is assured.

Coffee Bean

Trusted Partners

Quality Guaranteed

Quality Guaranteed

Contract manufacture blending

Biocel possesses modern mixing and filling facilities for both powders and liquids. products from several ADR classes can be mixed and filled by Biocel. Our batch sizes for mixing range from 50 to 30,000 Litres. Filling can take place from storage tanks, tankers trucks or Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC). Our packaging size varies from 1 litre volume upwards under HACCP conditions.


Thermoplastic tanks have a variety of applications and are very common in the chemical, food and drink industries for storing a wide range of materials such as bulk chemical supplies or hazardous materials.

Many of the products that Biocel provides are stored in Thermoplastic tanks.

In order to maintain the integrity of these tanks, certain guidelines and procedures must be followed.

Click the link to download the full document guide which includes the following advice for users.

    • Medical
    • Environmental Hygiene
    • Chemical Safety
    • Plant and Machinery
    • General



As a bulk chemical supplier it is important we operate our own hazchem compliant transport fleet – allowing us to offer flexible delivery schedules.

Chemical Distributors

Here at Biocel, we are constantly striving to provide suitable solutions to our customers’ needs. In order to do so, we utilise a wide range of chemical products and engineering methods. Such products require specific storage conditions. Improving such conditions, the management and upkeep of the storage containers and the delivery systems are of the utmost importance to us. For distribution purposes we use a combination of our own fleet and certified logistics carriers.

Hazchem compliant transport fleet

We operate our own Hazchem compliant transport fleet – allowing us to offer flexible delivery schedules meeting our customer’s supply requirements throughout Ireland.

We take pride in having a reputation for being prompt and efficient with our Hazchem deliveries to all other industries that we serve, guaranteeing that customers will never be without the products they need for processes.

Our drivers are qualified, trained, experienced and customer oriented.

Chemical Warehousing and Storage 

Correct storage and delivery of our products ensure that we maintain our high standards of quality and safety.

Once our customers have received delivery of a product, however, we recommend that they use similar storage systems to maximise the lifetime of the product. From small plastic drums to Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and Thermoplastic bulk storage tanks, we use a wide range of storage and delivery systems, depending on product specifications and the size of deliveries.


We supply chemical products and solutions for the Irish contract manufacturing sector.


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