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Brewing chemicals and process aids is where we started, not just brewery cleaning chemicals like caustic soda or acid solutions or foam cleaning but the full complement of brewing salts for addition to water for brewing liquor. From Biocel you know you will get chemicals that enhance.


Fermenter & Storage Vessel Cleaning

At Biocel we have designed a range of products to counteract the problems associated with fermenter and bright beer tanks, keg and bottle washing.

These include:

Brusol, Kingdom Acid Special, Hydrox & Supercleen

We have a range of caustic, acid and additive products designed to ensure that wort, beer, or yeast is thoroughly cleaned away and the surface sterilized. Our caustic cleaning Brusol are used throughout the brewing industry because it is trusted to do a good job of removing protein-based soils.

We have Kingdom Acid Special, comprising phosphoric but more recently more ecologically minded biodegradable acids to remove beerstone deposits, passivate metal, (stainless steel), and neutralize caustic cleaners.

We understand that surfaces soiled by beer such as vessels, piping, or equipment can support a microbiological growth for that we have our PAA product Hydrox


Industry leaders in brewing and distillery cleaning:

Chemicals for Brewing & Distilling

For over fifty years Biocel have been central to distillery and brewery cleaning. From the brewhouse to the stillhouse to the wastewater treatment plant, down through the years Biocel have managed and dealt with a range of soils and scales.

We are proud to be a part of the industry and work hard to build a track record in solving problems in both product and water side of coolers and evaporators, pots and columns, lines, and tanks … all in a day’s work.

Brewing & Distillery

Disinfection in Breweries

Moulds and wild yeasts in the brewery and fermentation industry are also capable of causing the spoilage of beer. Only a few genera of bacteria, wild yeasts, and moulds cause spoilage of beer and wine since the alcohol content, low pH, and other ingredients have an inhibitory effect on most organisms. Within the species of lactobacilli, known to cause spoilage of beer, only certain strains can grow in the beer and are responsible for spoilage. Biofilm formation impedes spoiling organisms eradication. Interfering with fermentation these have a deleterious effect on flavour and shelf life. These spoilage organisms can alter taste profile.

At Biocel our Peracetic Acid based Hydrox is trusted by brewers to ensure sterile surfaces and maintain product quality

Keg Cleaning

Keg cleaning is very important to ensure the shelf life of the beer out in the market. Biocel’s Fasdet is for optimum keg cleaning. Brewers know they can rely on Fasdet’s to break down residual soils due to its innovative surfactants and chelation composition along with its enhanced caustic technology to assist wetting and protein removal.

Beerstone (Calcium Oxalate) in kegs is a ubiquitous problem for brewers. Biocel has an innovative solution approach for tackling this that not only does a better job of removing and keeping beerstone out of kegs but is much more economical as well with savings all around.

Bottle washing

During the washing, cycle bottles are exposed the high temperatures and harsh chemicals giving rise to scuffing and glaze removal.   Biocel’s Supercleen offers superior glass protection and cleaning power with sustainable additives with a better environmental profile extending the life are returnable glass bottles.

Supercleen improves line efficiency, environmental impact, and reduces rewash rates and operational costs. Supercleen meets the beverage industry’s stringent challenges providing high shine and quick drying whilst meeting water, energy, and emissions goals. A perfectly cleaned returnable bottle is essential for product safety.

We shall bend science “to the useful purposes of life” ”

– Thomas Jefferson in an 1804 letter to Michael Krafft, the author of The American Distiller.

Beer line Cleaning

We all expect a clean and fresh tasting pint of tipple when it’s served to us. That’s why it’s important that every business that serves beer to its customers maintains quality through regular cleaning of beer lines and faucets.  Without this, yeast can build up and form particles in the lines that quickly lead to some unexpected nasties floating in your beer.

Modern beer dispensing systems must be maintained to prevent the build-up of organic deposits that can form while being stored in a chilled environment. These ‘beer spoilage organisms’ can cause your beer to have an unpleasant off-flavour. In this short guide, we outline some of the bacteria that can develop when beer lines are not adequately cleaned. Drawing on more than 20 years of our experience, we also offer you some top tips on what to do when cleaning your beer lines.     

At Biocel we have a comprehensive portfolio of Beer line cleaning products, from our alkaline chlorine Tech to our highly alkaline non-chlorine Clearline for trader cleaning, AnTCPate for taint removal and Linegard for beer line preservation during fallow times.  With over thirty years in beer line cleaning



Nothing seems more intractable than the sight of “burn-on” on a heat transfer surface whether it is a heat exchanger or distillation column. While you may have an understanding of your process chemistries because of the fouling process this has all changed and requires a fresh approach to tackling this problem.  

Dealing with foulants and burn-on problems, Biocel has built a reputation and forte in combatting these problems.  We have a range of chemical solutions that can remove and break down these stubborn deposits that if they are allowed to persist will only retard your process’s efficiencies.  Talk to Biocel and learn how we can enhance your process. 


In the beverage sector, scale formation is an inevitable problem as a part of the processes involved. Be it limescale formation from cooling processes or slime build-up as a result of product residue degradation Biocel have encountered a wide range of process problems and with that have a battery of solutions tailored to combatting these whether stainless steels in heat exchangers or distillation columns or copper of pot stills other soft metal surfaces in filling lines, we have encountered them all.  You can call on Biocel to help resolve your scale problems.


Beerstone (Calcium Oxalate) is a ubiquitous problem in the brewing and distilling industries. Resulting from fermentation breakdown products this adherent salt plates out on surfaces exhibiting unsightly pale buff-coloured deposits on conditioning vessels and kegs in brewing and heat transfer surfaces in the distilling sectors.   Biocel has been working with breweries and distilleries for over fifty years to help remove beerstone through its tailored acid treatment or on-site descaling service.

Talk to Biocel about combatting this scale and keeping your surfaces in pristine condition.

Brewing Salts

Fermentation might be a science but brewing is an art.  Creating the perfect product requires not only a deep understanding of your customers’ palette preferences but also a feeling for the raw materials with which you have to work.

Brewing liquor needs augmentation to hit that perfect balance. For over fifty years we have supplied a suite of brewing salts and process aids that have helped brewers streamline their brewing process and create the perfect beverage. 

Call us with your needs, confidentiality assured.

Biocel provides a range of detergents formulated for CIP cleaning & bottle washing in brewing, beverage & distilling plants.


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