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Industrial Manufacturing

Biocel is the supplier of choice for industrial manufacturing chemicals to businesses throughout Ireland. We help Industries manage shutdowns and emergencies when chemical treatments are required.



Biocel’s construction chemical portfolio offers a suite of products and technology for construction applications.

The construction industry relies heavily on chemical technology to provide many of the functional properties expected of construction materials. We draw on our experience in the building and construction industry to meet the industry’s ever-changing needs and trends.  We bring innovations for tomorrow’s high-performance demands.

Our versatile products in Concrete Treatments are trusted and used in a wide range of applications employing fundamental chemical insight and manufacturing expertise to offer solutions based on customer needs. Construction chemicals are one of the niche segments from Biocel’s speciality chemical portfolio catering to chemical industry needs.

Biocel’s Plasticiser range is designed to aid the workability of:

Construction Chemicals are speciality products that not only are used in structures to increase their life but also to impart additional protection from environmental hazards.

Biocel has formulated blends of speciality chemicals that are subsequently designed to control the functionality of concrete.  Our products are based on value-added, technology-driven chemistry designed specifically to improve performance.

Waterproofing Admixtures are specifically designed for builders and architects, and a portfolio of construction chemicals are available to ensure that structures are protected from damage due to moisture.

Our Cement Remover range is designed to clear away residues and leave a pristine surface finish.

A major driver in the development of new chemical technologies for the construction industry is sustainability and as a result we have striven to ensure compliance and striven to produce chemicals that enrich.


Industry leaders in Industrial Manufacturing Chemicals:

Chemicals for industry

Our speciality chemicals are used in virtually all manufacturing processes. At Biocel we strive to develop a wide range of innovative products that can be applied across the whole range of industries. We also have facilities to blend powders and liquids to meet your specific needs.


Coffee Bean


Descaling Products

Many process industries are beset with scale formation, be it from cooling processes or an inherent part of the production process, with the obvious effects on energy, efficiency and costs.  

At Biocel we not only understand this but also removal of the scale or deposit may not be such a simple process often requiring trade-offs between production bottlenecks and downtime, between scale removal and health and safety concerns. We understand this. We have developed a suite of products and solutions for dealing with your scale, engineering and process constraints.  Call and talk to us.

Passivation Products

Passivation has been shown in numerous tests to improve the corrosion resistance and compatibility of stainless steels. It does this by removing surface iron particles which can cause corrosion and because it causes a thicker chromium oxide layer to form.  

With a background in metal fabrication and engineering, we have developed a range of blended acid products to cater for passivation, weld burn and rouge problems.   

Talk to us about your engineering and metal fabrication requirements.

Fin Fan Foam Cleaning

Across the energy sector, fin fans and air-cooled condensers are critical components in the maintenance of the smooth running of many industrial processes. Cleaning air-cooled heat exchanger with Biocel’s Vigor is optimally designed for both equipment and personnel. 

Effective foaming action clears away dirt and debris effectively without damaging equipment. Your fin fans and heat exchangers will run at optimum levels and return to their peak performance once again.

“There’s nothing I believe in more strongly than getting young people interested in science and engineering, for a better tomorrow, for all humankind.”

– Bill Nye

Chemicals for Engineering

Over the years Biocel has continually expanded both its product offerings and the markets it serves. Biocel provides products and services to meet our customers’ most demanding specifications or requirements, all with consistently high quality, on-time delivery, and reduced cost to our customers.

Our Surface Finishing and Engineering Chemicals portfolio offers a range of products to enhance the surface topology and chemical status of your engineered surfaces. Fabricators and Machinists trust our metal surface finishing products for the protection of metal surfaces ensuring high corrosion resistance, durability, wear resistance, and improvement the appearance.

The surface finishing deployed depends on the end application. Choosing the correct surface finish is as important as the process itself. We provide products that meet our customers’ most demanding requirements – all with consistent quality, cost, and consistent on-time delivery.

Biocel will advise you on the chemicals that enhance.

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.”

– Hippocrates


In the highly regulated environment of the pharmaceutical sector, compliance with prescribed chemical disinfectants and cleaning agents is mandatory.


But frequently, as during shutdowns, problems arise or become apparent regarding vessel surface integrity for which conventional cleaning detergents or disinfectants are unsuitable or ineffective. Reaching out to Biocel you will find a willing, attentive, and competent partner to help resolve your surface finish issues.

Be it a problem with adequate passivation, the appearance of rouge or other scales and residues in process vessels, Biocel are there to assist you to achieve your compliance targets. Our scientists and engineers will ensure that either working alongside your team or your preferred maintenance contractor, that the necessary risk assessments are undertaken before any chemical work is undertaken. We will then monitor to ensure that the work is performed safely to completion.


Browse our available chemical solutions and products for the Industrial Manufacturing Industry sectors. Use the dropdown menu’s to refine your search. For bespoke solutions contact our dedicated support team to discuss your requirements.

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