Dairy Detergent Steriliser

Biocel’s Loco 65G4S is a dairy detergent steriliser that has been developed to meet the specific requirements of the dairy sector.

Formulated as a fine white powder, Biocel’s Loco 65G4S readily removes high-fat residue, while its chlorine component acts as a bactericide assisting in the removal of protein films.

Loco 65G4S’s active ingredients include caustic soda, chlorine, emulsifiers and surfactants.


Product Benefits

Cleanliness and Sterility for Your Dairy Plant

Detergent sterilisers play a vital role in maintaining hygiene and preventing the transmission of pathogens. They offer a convenient and efficient way to achieve both cleanliness and sterility, ensuring the safety and integrity of your dairy processing plant.

Versatile: Used for single-stage cleaning, providing excellent performance even at lower temperatures.

Developed for the specific requirements of the dairy sector: The alkaline component of Loco 65G4S readily removes high-fat residue, while a chlorine component acts as a bactericide and also helps to remove protein films.

Technical Details

For complete usage information, please contact us.

Additional information

Pack Size

Loco 65G4S is supplied in 25kg bags in 40 x 25kg pallet lots.


Biocel's dairy detergent steriliser provides complete cleaning and sanitisation of dairy process plant and equipment (e.g. milk tanks, lorries, liquid milk plants), Loco 65G4S can be used:

For single-stage cleaning of individual equipment units where recovery of detergent is not possible or adequate temperature control is unavailable.




0.5%-2% w/v
NB: The required concentration of the working solution of Loco 65G4S varies with the soil level in the plant. For more detailed information or advice, please contact us.
For complete usage information, consult the product technical specification.


Please click on the link to request a Biocel safety datasheet. If you have any queries, please contact us.

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