Biocel’s CIPClean MPS delivers reliable CIP for food and dairy processing equipment. Clear and colourless, Biocel’s CIPClean MPS is based on a blend of sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide, combined with sequestrants and surfactants.


Product Benefits

CIP for Food and Dairy Equipment


  • Low Foaming.
  • Very Effective in Hard Water Areas.

Technical Details

For complete usage information, please contact us.

Additional information

Pack Size

Biocel’s CIPClean MPS is supplied in 1000L UN-approved IBCs or bulk-tanker.


Biocel’s CIPClean MPS delivers reliable CIP for food and dairy processing equipment.

Developed in-house by Biocel technicians, this alkaline Hydroxide-based detergent is ideal for cleaning food contact surfaces. However, it’s important to note that surfaces must be adequately rinsed with clean water prior to reuse.



Use Instructions

The typical usage rate is 1-3% v/v; at this concentration, the solution has a sequestering power of 850mg/CaCO3/ml.

Shelf Life: minimum 12 months

Parameter Units Value
Density (20°C) g/ml 1.310-1.360
%Sodium Hydroxide %w/v 24-26
%Potassium Hydroxide %w/v 11-13
Foam (1% solution) cm 0cm (at 60°C)

Training & Support

Members of Biocel’s technical team are available to monitor trials of CIPClean MPS at your food or dairy processing facility.


Biosil 92 should not be used on (or allowed to stand in) aluminium plants or receivers.

Please click on the link to request a Biocel safety datasheet. If you have any queries, please contact us.

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