Activated Chlorine Free Powder suitable for Hot & Cold use.

Circodine CF is a highly effective milk soil and residue remover which cleans better the faster it is circulated without foam build-up. It represents a thorough mastery of detergent technology available to milk farmers and dairymen.


Product Benefits

Biocel’s detergent cleaning range has been designed to provide a cost-effective method of producing impressive results.

Effective Milk Soil and Residue Remover

  • Chlorine Free all temperature Detergent.
  • Low foaming, easily rinsed off equipment.
  • Very effective in hard water areas.
  • Produces Top Quality results on TBC & Thermoduric’s.
  • Suitable for Machine & Bulk Tank.
  • Circodine CF leaves the plant ready to use for next milking.
  • No need to leave plant wet with solution.

Part of Biocel’s complete range of Dairy Hygiene Products, use our Circodine CF in conjunction with Serpent for consistent low TBC’s.

Technical Details

For complete usage information, please contact us.

Additional information

Pack Size

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Biocel’s Circodine CF is an activated Chlorine Free powder detergent suitable for Hot and Cold use. It is proven to be very effective in hard water areas. It has a low foaming formulation that is easily rinsed from equipment. It is also Moorepark Tested. Circodine CF eliminates the need to leave the product in plant between milkings.


Dairy Hygiene


Dissolve Circodine CF in hot/cold water at a rate of 227g/45 litres. The temperature of the hot wash should be a minimum of 55°C at the end of the wash cycle for effective cleaning. This is enough for 5 units, for each additional unit add an extra 9 Litres of solution.

The temperature of the hot wash should be a minimum of 55°C at the end of the wash cycle. Do not reuse solution.

For additional usage information please contact us.


Please click on the link to request a Biocel safety datasheet. If you have any queries, please contact us.

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