Premier Draft Line Cleaning Solution

Cerelex is the ultimate draft line cleaning solution, tailored to meet the demanding cleaning needs of draft ale, stout, lager, and cider lines. Light yellow in colour and with a distinctive chlorine odour, Cerelex harnesses the power of alkaline hydroxides, chlorine, sequestrants, surfactants, and threshold agents to ensure thorough and effective cleaning. Keep your draft lines pristine with Cerelex – the go-to solution for maintaining beverage quality and hygiene standards.


Product Benefits

Cerelex draft line cleaning solution addresses the unique challenges associated with keeping beer lines free from contaminants and ensuring the quality of the beverages dispensed.

  • Alkaline Hydroxides: These are strong bases that help break down organic matter, grease, and other residues that can build up in beverage lines. They ensure thorough cleaning by saponifying fats and oils.
  • Chlorine: Known for its disinfectant properties, chlorine in Cerelex helps eliminate bacteria, yeast, and mold that can thrive in moist environments like beverage lines.
  • Sequestrants: These agents bind with metal ions in the water, preventing them from interfering with the cleaning process. By doing so, they enhance the effectiveness of Cerelex cleaning solution and prevent scale formation.
  • Surfactants: These compounds lower the surface tension of the liquid, allowing it to spread more easily and penetrate better into the residues and biofilms that may form inside the lines.
  • Threshold Agents: These are chemicals that help to maintain the stability of the cleaning solution, ensuring that it remains effective over time and under various conditions.
  •  Non-tainting: easily rinsed after use, with no head retention effect.
  • Removes Biofilms: Cerelex draft line cleaning solution acts as a very effective biofilm remover.

Biocel can provide monitoring of line-cleaning effectiveness using microbiological and ATP analysis. (please contact us for more information)

Technical Details

For complete usage information, please contact us.

Additional information

Pack Size

Cerelex is supplied in 5L bottles in a 4 x 5L or 2 x 5L UN-approved pack.


Cerelex is specifically formulated to meet line-cleaning requirements for draft ale, stout, lager and cider lines. Cerelex may be used with automatic or wash bottle systems and is non-corrosive to all common dispense systems.

Note* Biocel supplies a range of test strips, including pH, Chlorine and Peroxide level test strips. These test strips help to ensure that the correct product concentration is used during cleaning; strips also verify that the beer lines have been fully rinsed prior to reuse.



Training & Support

Biocel chemical awareness training is available for this product line e.g. training for best practice and safe-handling of beer line cleaning chemicals

Technical support – with over four decades of experience, Biocel is ideally placed to offer cleaning optimisation advice.


Cerelex should be used at 3-4% v/v depending on line cleaning frequency.

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