Dish and Glasswasher Detergent

Banquet is a dish and glasswasher detergent formulated for commercial and industrial dishwasher and glasswashing machines. It is a caustic-based, clear, colourless viscous liquid which leaves glassware and crockery brilliantly clean.




Product Benefits

Banquet detergent is caustic based with added surface ingredients, to ensure thorough wetting of food residues, especially those with high fat content which are difficult to remove. As a result, grease and fat lift off completely, leaving all your glassware and dishes brilliantly clean with no lingering traces of grease or oil droplets.

Technical Details

For complete usage information, please contact us.

Additional information

Pack Size

Banquet is available in:

5L non-returnable drums
25L non-returnable drums


For use in dish and glasswashing machines. As a liquid, it finds particular application in industrial/institutional washing equipment where automatic dosing of detergent is the norm with conductivity meters used to control detergent speed.


Usage rate varies with the degree of water hardness.
Ideally use at 55°C.
Hard Water areas: 5ml/l wash water (0.8 fl.oz/gal)
Other areas: 1-3ml/l wash water (0.2-0.5 fl.oz/gal)

Details on usage rates serve as a guideline only. Further advice should be sought from Biocel Ltd. technical staff.

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