Biocel’s Deepcleen is a solvent-based general purpose cleaner formulated for a wide range of cleaning applications in the food processing sector.
Biocel’s Deepcleen is a clear amber-coloured liquid; it functions by penetrating hardened fat or organic residues, emulsifying them and rendering them water-soluble.

Originally formulated as a general-purpose detergent for work surfaces and floors, Biocel’s Deepcleen is now applied across numerous industries.


Product Benefits


  •   Highly effective degreaser for manual or pressure wash use.
  •  Specially formulated to remove fat, oil and organic soils.
  •   Safe to use on a wide range of surfaces.
  •   Increases shelf-life /Increases effectiveness of preservatives.
  •  Catalyses sugar inversion.
  •   Chelates trace metals.
  •  Acts as synergistic antioxidant & retards fat oxidation.
  •  Optimises gel strength in jams/jellies/gelatine desserts
  •   Prevents discoloration/off-flavours.
  •   Inactivates enzymes/micro-organisms.
  •   Promotes leavening process.
  •   Stabilises colour, taste, flavour, vitamins.

Technical Details

For complete usage information, please contact us.

Additional information

Pack Size

Available in 5L, 25L, 200L, 1000L containers.


Formulated for a wide range of cleaning applications in the food processing sector.

In particular, Deepcleen is ideal for removing fat deposits and organic residues under cold conditions.

Safe to use on a variety of surfaces including stainless steel, aluminium, vinyl and ceramic.


Used for general-purpose manual cleaning, particularly in the food processing sectors.


Heavy soils: Apply undiluted in a fine spray and pressure wash off (hot or cold)
Light soil/stains: Use at 1% v/v; brush over the area to be cleaned
For complete usage information, consult the product technical specification.

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