Magnesium Hydroxide is formulated for use in Industrial processes such as Wastewater Treatment.

It is also known for its efficiency and safety in Flue Gas Cleaning, and Pulp Bleaching processes.

Magnesium Hydroxide (Mg(OH)₂) is provided by Biocel Ltd as a stable suspension in water and is available in bulk quantities.


Product Benefits

Magnesium Hydroxide (Mg(OH)₂) is a versatile chemical compound widely used in various industrial applications including wastewater treatment.

Other uses and benefits include:

  • Magnesium Hydroxide is used to regulate pH and control pollution in industrial processes.
  • It is non-corrosive and safe for use in industrial applications.
  • Magnesium Hydroxide has a higher alkalinity in comparison to caustic soda.
  • It is also a more cost-efficient alternative to caustic soda.
  • Safe for microorganisms in biological purification processes.
  • Used for phosphate removal and recovery from sewage treatment plants and wastewater streams
  • Effective in neutralising acidic wastewater.
  • Aids in cleaning flue gas by reducing pollutants, contributing to environmental sustainability and process efficiency.
  • Used in pulp bleaching processes for higher whiteness ratings.


Wastewater Treatment Chemical Supplier

Biocel, (Cork, Ireland) are leading suppliers of Magnesium Hydroxide, an effective wastewater treatment chemical.
Wastewater treatments such as magnesium hydroxide significantly enhances the pivotal role of water in product manufacturing and industrial processes. It effectively neutralises acids and helps eliminate impurities in wastewater. Effective wastewater management is not only crucial for responsibly disposing of industrial byproducts but also plays a key role in conserving water resources. Beyond its direct contribution to production and operations, the proper treatment of wastewater is imperative for ensuring environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance.

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Technical Details

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Additional information


Magnesium hydroxide is commonly employed in various industrial applications, including:

Neutralising acidic in wastewater to control pH.
Reducing emissions and pollutants in flue gas cleaning.
Pulp bleaching process.


Magnesium hydroxide is chemically represented as Mg(OH)₂ and is typically provided as a stable suspension in water. It should be stored in appropriate conditions to maintain its stability. It is advisable to keep magnesium hydroxide in a dry, cool place and away from incompatible substances to ensure its effectiveness over time.


Magnesium hydroxide is generally considered safe to handle when proper precautions and safety measures are followed. However, as with any chemical substance, it is essential to adhere to safety guidelines, including wearing appropriate protective equipment and ensuring proper ventilation during handling and application.

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