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Dairy     Beverage & Brewing
We supply Dairy hygiene detergent, C.I.P. (cleaning in place) chemicals, Teat Care - SCC & Mastitis Control Range, Dairy processing chemicals, foam cleaners, sanitizers, foam control agents and waste water treatment products   We supply food ingredients, processing aids, food grade antifoams, Flavourings, colours, phosphate solutions, and Biocides (Disinfectants).   We are suppliers of C.I.P. (cleaning in place) chemicals, foam cleaners and process ingredients to Ireland premier brewers, distillers and soft drink manufacturers.
Hygiene & Janitorial     Laundry
We offer a wide range of products including, dish washing detergents, Floor cleaners, wash up liquids, bleach and hand care products. See our Crystal-Kleen range for further information.   Swine Flu - What measures can you take to prevent infection?

Kill Swine Flu

  We supply laundry powders, laundry liquids, stain removers, degreasers, laundry bleach, fabric softener and laundry process chemicals to laundrettes, public service laundries and commercial laundries throughout Ireland.
Biofuel     General Chemicals
We supply a range of chemicals used in the transesterification process of Biodiesel Production. These chemicals are reacted with glycerides such as Vegetable/ Rapeseed oil.

  Our NEW Biocel Sanitizing range offers protection to hands and surfaces against most germs, bacteria and viruses, including MRSA, E.Coli, Fungi and a diverse range of organisms. Hand Sanitizer, Hard Surface Sanitizer & PAL Surface Disinfectant Wipes.   We also supply General Chemicals for Water and waste water Treatment, Auto / Fleet care and Construction.
Services   Beerline Cleaners   Wastewater Treatment Systems
We offer technical support services, equipment installation, plant shutdown services (Deep cleaning and descaling), Hygiene auditing and chemical handling advice.   We supply a wide range of Beerline Cleaning products ranging of liquid and powder products. Our range include alkaline, alkaline chlorine, peroxide and detergent based products.   We supply state of the art WTP water retrieval systems. Tailor made systems from the most basic to the most technologically advanced.
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