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Our Fin Fan Foam Cleaning product Vigor is designed for foam cleaning of fin fans in the petroleum and energy industries.  Fouled fins restrict air-flow , reducing efficiencies and increasing costs.  Vigor possesses the necessary cleaning materials to ensure that it cuts through grime.

The pH of Vigor has been designed to not cause or allow corrosion to sensitive parts yet able to remove most common industrial residues.

Contains a rust inhibitor, Combines water softeners and biodegradable surfactants to power away heavy dirt, grease, and grime, as seen in the before (left) and after (right) photo below.

Alkaline Aluminium and Carbon Steel Plant Foam Cleaner is a concentrated alkaline silicate based environmentally friendly high-foaming detergent designed to remove grime and dirt residues and organic soil deposits under low pressure

Producing a thick foam, Vigor Fin Fan Foam Cleaner is designed to remain in contact for an optimal 30 minutes and provides the capacity to penetrate, remove soils without their subsequent re-deposition.  



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