Think Quality

Biocel's quality system is accredited under ISO since April 1992. We are currently accredited to ISO 9001:2015. It facilitates consistency in quality, with regard to the manufacturing and supplying products, in turn creating assurance for the customer.

Biocel is also certified under the FAMI QS system, which addresses the safety, quality and regulatory compliance of speciality feed ingreidents and their mixtures.

For Biocel human and animal health, quality, feed/food safety and environment are important components of our corporate policy and management.   Within Biocel the SHEQ (Safety, Health, Enviornment and Quality) Department has been created to comply with these requirements.

Biocel takes its responsibility for the assurance of product quality and food/feed safety.   The product ranges apply to all legal standards and are developed in accordance withg European and National regulations, such as REACH, CLP and Biocide Regulation.

Biocel aims for a supply chain approach and takes this into account when selecting suppliers.



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