Dipotassium Phosphate is a food-grade hygroscopic white powder that stabilises pH and prevents excessive fluctuation in acidity or alkalinity in your food products. Supplied as part of our comprehensive food ingredients range, dipotassium phosphate is produced in compliance with strict EU food standards (ref. 231/2012).

Dipotassium phosphate also complies with FCC Standards (Food Chemical Codex) and is also Kosher and Halal certified.


Product Benefits

  • Non-GMO.
  • Non-allergenic.
  • Prevents coagulation and controls acidity.
  • Can extend food shelf-life
  • Improves product texture.


Dipotassium Phosphate has Many Uses in the Food Industry

As an emulsifier and stabiliser, it enhances the texture and consistency of food products. Its buffering capacity ensures the maintenance of optimal pH levels, and as a chelating agent, it addresses specific challenges related to calcium in dairy items. The versatility of dipotassium phosphate makes it a valuable ingredient in the formulation of a variety of processed foods and beverages.


  1. Buffering agent: Dipotassium phosphate can be used as a buffer to control the pH of food products. Buffering agents prevent food spoilage along with preserving the original taste and colour of food. This is achieved by maintaining the desired acidity or alkalinity in various food and beverage formulations.
  2. Emulsifying agent: This helps to bind fats and water together. It can stabilise and improve the texture and consistency of certain food products, such as processed cheeses, salad dressings, and dairy-based desserts.
  3. Sequestrant: Dipotassium phosphate can act as a sequestrant, binding to metal ions that can negatively affect the colour, flavour, or stability of certain foods.
  4. Leavening agent: In some baking applications, it may serve as a leavening agent to help dough or batter rise.
  5. Mineral supplement: Potassium is an essential mineral, and dipotassium phosphate can be used to fortify foods and beverages with potassium.

Technical Details

For complete usage information, please contact us.

Additional information

Pack Size

Biocel DKP is available in multiwall paper bags (25kg net).


Dipotassium Phosphate prevents coagulation, controls acidity and is extensively used as a buffering agent (particularly in cheese-making plants).

Also applied as an emulsifier and preservative, DKP can extend food shelf-life and deliver improved product texture.

In addition, dipotassium phosphate is frequently added as a thickener in powdered drinks, desserts and sauces; plus, DKP is often used in meat preparation and treatment.


Food Processing


Solubility: 156g/100g water @ 20°C
K2O content: 54.1%
For complete usage information, please contact us.


Store in a cool, dry and odourless place.
Protect from humidity.
Keep in the original packaging – shrink-wrapped.
Best before 2 years after production date.


Please click on the link to request a Biocel safety datasheet. If you have any queries, please contact us.

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