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National Dairy Show 2018

By: Rachel Foley | Posted on: 24 Oct 2018

Minister for Agriculture, Food & Marine, Michael Creed, T.D., was on hand to launch this year’s National Dairy Show in the Green Glens Arena, Millstreet, Co. Cork.  This year's Show was the 36th and is Ireland’s premier livestock and agricultural indoor event, showcasing the comprehensive selection of what the agricultural industry has to offer. 

On hand at the Biocel stand were (from left) Donal Sheahan (Account Manager); James Taylor (Area Manager Dairy Hygiene); Rachel Foley (Marketing Executive); Vincent Kelly (Head of Sales) and Thomas P. Costelloe (Mastitis Control Adviser).

With chlorate and TCM eradication being primary quality objectives in the dairy industry, the company was showcasing its range of Chlorine Free products, these being:

Multisan CF, Biocel's premium Dual Hydroxide Liquid Detergent for milking plant and bulk tanks, can be used hot or cold and effective even in hard water areas.

Moorpark tested Circodine CF, a low foaming Chlorine Free powder detergent suitable for hot & cold use.  Can be used with Serpent for consistently low TBC and Thermodurics.

Serpent, a non-rinse, low usage rate Peracetic Acid disinfectant for final rinse and cluster disinfection, eliminating the requirement for acid descaling.

Hydrox 5, a peracetic acid based disinfectant/booster detergent additive for terminal disinfection of surfaces.

Cluster XX for cluster disinfection  and final rinse, effective in reducing contagious mastitis bacterial transfer on clusters between cows.

Also on exhibit was Opti-Heel and Opti-Heel PlusOpti-Heel is an Organic Acid based solution, blended with penetrative surfactants and emollients to clean and condition the hooves of cattle and sheep. Opti-Heel Plus is a biocidal booster, containing peracetic acid and surfactants to provide a deep sanitising effect, added to Opti-Heel at times of high challenge.

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