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Water Treatment Chemicals

We supply products for both water and waste water treatment; in particular we supply a number of grades of Hypochlorite suitable for both soft water and hard water supplies. Our range of waste water treatment products include Sodium Hydroxide, Sulphuric Acid, Antifoams and Bio Nutrients. All of our products can be formulated to your plants specific requirements.

Water Treatment

Sodium Hypochlorite (Water Treatment Grade)

  • Available in concentrations from 5-15%
  • Available with water softening agents for hard water areas
  • Drum return and reuse available
  • Pack Size 20L, 25L, 200L, 1000L

Sodium Carbonate

  • Available in Light or Dense grades
  • Suitable for potable water treatment
  • Large stock of both Light and Dense held at all times
  • Pack Size 25Kg in 1 tonne pallets

Sodium Hexametaphosphate

  • Available in Powder or Chip forms
  • Ideal for threshold treatment in hard water areas.
  • Prevents the build up of limescale
  • Supplied in 25kg Bags on 1 tonne Pallets

Waste Water Treatment

Sodium Hydroxide

  • For pH adjustment
  • Supplied in 1000L IBCs .
  • Concentrations from 20% W/V to 30% W/V

Sulphuric Acid 96%

  • For pH adjustment
  • Supplied in 1000L IBCs

Effluent Antifoam

  • Supplied in 25L and 1000L pack sizes
  • Ideal where your waste water has foaming properties
  • Can be controlled by automatic dosing systems


  • Supplied in 25L and 1000L packsizes
  • "Feed the bugs that treat your effluent"
  • Formulation can be adapted to your plant specification.
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